Relax – We Will Handle Everything

Why spend hours managing your property, when you can let our trusted team of Account Managers do it for you? Our proprietary vacation rental management system allows us to maximize your revenues while creating a resort style stay for your guests. From key delivery to full management, LMRH can take care of every aspect of your vacation rental with the lowest management fee percentages you will find in the valley. You need it? We have it.

Listing & Price Optimization

Our dynamic pricing model allows us to update your home’s pricing daily, adjusting for price based on seasonality, inquiry activity, comparable home prices, nearby hotels, actual reservations and even competitor homes and their booking frequencies and amounts. This can mean a big increase to your bottom line.

On Site Staffing

We have staff in the area that can go to and from the home, check in guests, meet with guests for help, oversee cleanings and generally be your eyes and ears to the home. Regular visits to your property in between reservations ensures you and your home is always well maintained and in perfect condition. It also means that damages and anything missing are accounted for and professionally attended to.

Guest Communication

LMRH has an around the clock response team for booking inquiries, guest support and maintenance as needed. This means that middle of the night reservation requests are not missed or lost to a competitor home, or that your guests or your home suffer any emergency maintenance gaps or delays.

Cleaning & Maintenance

We do everything we can to help you generate as much revenue as possible from your rental and save you time by doing most/all of the work for you. This includes arranging the cleaning (post-guest and post-owner stays); restocking household items; taking care of trash and recycling. List My Rental Home offers a complete solution for all your home maintenance needs including pool, landscape, home repair, etc.. We also offer specialty services like home automation systems to maintain security and energy efficiency for our homeowners.

Concierge Service

Enhance your guest’s experience with 5-star concierge services. By expanding our in-home services, this means that guests can have access to things like in home grocery delivery, baby items while traveling, chef-on-call, 24-hour driver service, activities like hikes, tours and even spa & golf booking. All services offered are additional to the renters and do not affect your bottom line.

  • chef
  • concierge
  • babysitting
  • groceries
  • and more…

Interior Design

Redesigning your home, as opposed to remodeling, is an investment in the now with an eye at all times on ROI. We are constantly thinking about one thing: how to give our clients the most visually appealing space so they can generate the highest return for the least amount of capital. LMRH can provide you with custom design services catered to the vacation rental market – we have a proven design system that optimizes revenues for all of our clients.

Noise Monitoring

Noise is the #1 problem in the short-term rental industry. For an additional monthly fee, we can install noise sensors that detects and prevents noise violations at your property.

Investment Consulting

LMRH can work with you to evaluate a new investment opportunity or exploring turning your current home into a short-term rental business. This service provides expert guidance on various elements such as pricing expectations, ROI expectations, calendaring, transient tax, insurance, damage protection, design, decor, advertising and marketing.

24hr Emergency Services

Emergencies…unfortunately, they happen. We offer comprehensive 24-hour emergency services equipped to deal with any emergency a guest may encounter.

Professional Photography

The success (and pricing and occupancy) of a home can vary greatly depending on the photography (amateur vs. professional) utilized. If you have high quality photos, great we will use those! If not, and if you’d prefer to achieve the highest revenue possible, we highly recommend engaging one of our professional photographers.


We do it all – from designing your house to stocking the soap, if we don’t do it, we have someone that does!


Custom marketing plans that go beyond simply posting on industry leading rental sites.


You are in good hands, we are available 24/7 to address any and all of your needs.


Offering quality services to guests from the first inquiry through to the guest’s stay and after departure.


Maximizing revenue potential through increased occupancy, market analysis, and dynamic pricing.


We provide monthly owner disbursement and detailed accounting statements.


Make more on your property today!

Interested in seeing how much revenue you could generate from your property? Looking for someone to help with your current vacation rental? LMRH will give you a free vacation rental market assessment of your property and will show you how we can apply our proven system so you can start monetizing your property investment.